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Robust like
a second skin

BATTENS 50 clads flat façades and interior walls, creates pergolas and privacy screens for indoor and outdoor environments. It is a strong and safe system, tested in terms of impact and wind resistance. The resistance is certified by leading Italian certification institutes.

Application on
flat vertical wall

Before applying the cladding system, the flat wall must be carefully prepared and all the imperfections have to be removed to make the walls uniform. A well-prepared wall will make the cladding system adhere perfectly.

A system of fitting bars with stainless steel brackets are then installed on the wall. The aluminum slats are then applied onto the substructure. For very high walls, the joints to join two or more slats are used. The joint ensures a secure and insulated anchoring, with aluminum end caps of the same colour.

Application on
flat horizontal wall

Plastic bracket installation system enables installation in various directions.

Applied directly to the wall

Battens 50 can be applied directly to the wall without substructure using the cover, which is attached to the wall. The splint is fixed to the cover thanks to the snap.

on pergola

The system also allows for high thermal performance when applied as a pergola: it insulates the wall by acting as a sunscreen or louvers, and provides greater living comfort for the entire building.

Each slat is designed to extend the wall surface and creates greater coverage. Installing a cladding system to create a pergola does not decrease the safety or durability of the structure.

Privacy Screen

BATTENS 50 cladding system is perfectly suited to create conceptual partitions: a versatile solution for designers. It gives character and movement. It is fixed to the floor and the ceiling with a solid and invisible bracket, which enhances BATTENS 50 minimal lines.

Welcome creativity and safety! This system decorates outside and inside walls without blocking natural light, by acting as a secret screen. With its highly realistic material finishes, DFV adds colour and three-dimensionality.

When holes on the floor are not desired, the batten can be fixed to the ceiling with the bracket, while at the bottom a cap with a screw leveler allows to adjust the distance from floor.

Privacy Screen with invisible fixing


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