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Governance and Sustainability

We present our Manifesto Makeit.

Makeit is ForMe Design‘s Sustainability Manifesto, that we share across the entire DFV Group. It involves implementing, across all companies, a new business model which offers solutions with higher value, lower environmental impact, and a strong focus on economic and social sustainability.



We provide value to our first stakeholder, the environment, through the implementation of virtuous and circular practices.


We invest into the growth of the communities where we operate, producing jobs that anyone can access at all levels.


We oriented our governance towards responsible, valuable, and long-term growth, to inspire our leadership.

We share the same goals
to be more sustainable

The Sustainable Development Goals are 17 universally applicable objectives formulated by over 150 international leaders to represent a concrete path towards the sustainable development of our planet. At ForMe Design, as part of DFV Group, we embrace the spirit of the SDGs and have integrated its business strategy prioritizing these 6 goals.

Good Health and well-being

We prioritize the health and well-being of our employees, collaborators, and customers by producing safe products, providing safety training, conducting regular medical checks, and offering healthcare support to employees’ families.

Quality Education

At DFV Group we invest in training through partnerships with schools and universities. Activities include school-work programs, internships, thesis projects, industrial doctoral scholarships, and sponsoring industrial master’s programs.

Clean water and sanitation

We minimize water consumption in production cycles, continuously monitoring water quality and implementing strategies to reduce waste and limit the exploitation of primary resources.

Affordable and clean energy

Energy is a crucial resource for our process. Since 2018, ForMe Design has invested in sustainable energy self-supply, including installing photovoltaic systems on facility roofs.

Responsible consumption and production

With a focus on sustainability and innovation, ForMe Design strives to improve the work environment for both its employees and the community. Our mission is to develop circular business models that meet customer needs through responsible resource use.

Partnership for the goals

We value impactful partnerships, engaging with various stakeholders to foster growth and sustainability through collaborative efforts and cross-sector initiatives like industrial symbiosis and circular practices.

More sustainable in the choice of materials

Green Aluminum

Aluminum is a lightweight metal with an infinite life cycle, being recycled and recyclable, capable of reducing CO² emissions. At DFX, our extrusion area, we promote the use of extruded profiles from billets with low CO² content or high content of recycled aluminum, preserving the quality and performance of the extrusions.