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Indoor and Outdoor cladding system
using extruded aluminum planks


Made of 100% extruded aluminum, the CLADDING system is a functional and versatile cladding solution. Easy to install and weather resistant, it integrates perfectly into any architectural design.

Aluminum planks with remarkable features. Flexible to give continuity to proportions and sustainable with an endless life-cycle. This system shields from moisture and creates a ventilated façade, while it ensures a very limited contribution to fire according to regulations.

Functional cladding system
for exterior façades and
interior walls.

100% Italian
Easy and sustainable

CLADDING is installed on a substructure of aluminum profiles that allows the insertion of insulated panels, creating in this case a ventilated façade.

The planks are fixed with stainless steel clips that allow the thermal expansions of aluminum profiles due to temperature variations. The transversal dilatation is compensated by celloflex gasket compression. The system is quick and easy to install using the secure interlocking method.

Certification & warranties

Wind and
impact resistance


Application to the
suspended ceiling


logo 15 years finishes warranty


CLADDING is an extruded aluminum system with strong architectural features, that maintains stylistic continuity between the outdoor and indoor spaces. It uses modular components that give designers flexibility to create a truly unique façade: every style is matched by a specific laying pattern.

The regular laying creates a regular grid horizontally or vertically; the ship’s deck laying creates an irregular, almost random geometry, with visible joints, without connecting profiles. The boiserie laying merges the door with the wall in an original and refined way, it makes the door disappear into the wall, giving continuity to the entire façade.

Indoor and
laying patterns

Indoor and outdoor resistance
and attention to detail

Unlike wood cladding, the aluminum cladding system resists adverse weather conditions and does not require constant maintenance. It protects walls from natural deterioration over time.

In addition to excellent resistance performance, it provides unprecedented beauty through DFV finishes, which faithfully reproduce natural materials on extruded aluminum: wood, marble, stone, steel, corten steel and other metals, all with unmistakable chromatic effects. CLADDING adapts to all project requirements and helps to achieve façade colour match and proportion of shapes within spaces, down to the smallest detail.

High quality cladding planks with a realistic wood effect finish that adds warmth to indoor and outdoor spaces.


Versatile for
all kinds of spaces

According to UNI EN 13823: 2020 CLADDING is a non-flammable product and complies with current regulations in terms of fire reaction.
It is available in a variety of high quality finishes to suit all design requirements.

CLADDING can be used on the walls of residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality buildings. It decorates meeting rooms, living rooms and bedrooms to make them more comfortable

CLADDING can also be used for outdoor and indoor buildings to enhance aesthetic and energy performance.


Explore the full range of our finishes and start customizing. From hyper-realistic wood-effect finishes to RAL, the only limit is your imagination.



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