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Born for architecture
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Italian quality with
international reach

we produce, design and distribute around the world aluminum claddings for interiors and exteriors.

ForMe Design is an Italian brand, partner of DFV Group and international leader in producing, designing and distributing aluminum cladding solutions for exterior facades, interior walls and entrance doors. Its range includes two product lines: SKIN, indoor and outdoor aluminum cladding, and DOOR, aluminum entrance doors.
Active in over 6 countries all around Europe and America, ForMe Design’s vision is to create a better world through more sustainable and beautiful solutions for architecture and construction.

A real work of Italian craftsmanship, our aluminum cladding systems are produced all in the same place from high quality and sustainable aluminum extruded by DFX, also part of DFV Group. This is how each solution can be compliant to national and international standards for buildings: wind and impact resistance, sound-absorbing power, and very limited contribution to fire.


Creating a world where architecture and design are beautiful and functional for the future generations.


Design and build more sustainable and innovative solutions for architects and designers.

We handle all the process from extrusion to the final product

A note from
our CEO

Our impact initiatives align perfectly with our business strategy and values, meeting stakeholder expectations for responsible, inclusive, and sustainable practices. This commitment reflects our dedication to sustainability, highlighting the crucial role of aluminum in construction. Its adaptability to architectural changes and wide range of uses make it indispensable.

Franco De Francesco
Founder and CEO
ForMe Design

From aluminum extrusion through design and development to distribution, we encompass every stage of the value chain to create solutions poised to revolutionize the world of architecture. Our aim is to empower architects and designers to make impactful choices by offering sustainable and aesthetically pleasing products for both interior and exterior applications.

Each product line undergoes meticulous development and certification processes to meet the demanding expectations of construction and architecture. Our aluminum cladding systems are engineered for effortless and swift installation, yet engineered to withstand the harshest of conditions with unparalleled strength and resilience.

A fully integrated player addressing architecture’s evolving needs

A strong investor in the future of construction and architecture

We strive to transcend the constraints of time with our solutions. Remaining timeless is paramount to us, which is why we maintain a dedicated Research and Development department. Here, we continuously explore, test, and innovate to create systems that surpass previous benchmarks in innovation and functionality. Unified by our shared mission, we invest in crafting products that not only serve present needs but also pave the way for the prosperity of future generations.

About our Group

Together we go far:
the DFV Group

From its beginnings in 1972 in Surano (LE), DFV has evolved into a multinational Group with operations spanning Italy, Australia, and Brazil. Today, DFV stands as a robust industrial entity renowned as a market leader in the embellishment and coating of aluminum extrusions and laminates for both architectural and industrial applications.

The DFV Group operates across three core business lines: extrusion, painting, and architecture. These divisions are intricately interwoven, fostering synergy and ensuring an unparalleled level of service and customer satisfaction.

A relentless pursuit of excellence, a fervent commitment to innovation, ongoing research endeavors, and a steadfast dedication to sustainability characterize DFV’s trajectory of growth over its illustrious 50-year history. These qualities have solidified DFV’s position as an industry frontrunner, underpinned by decades of invaluable experience.

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