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Care & Maintenance

ForMe Design’s aluminum battens and claddings are low-maintenance systems, needing minimal cleaning compared to timber or steel. To preserve the powder-coated finishes, adhere to care and maintenance guidelines for long-lasting integrity.


High quality and low maintenance

Although Forme – Skin products do not require any maintenance, it is advisable to subject the products to periodic cleaning to keep the product beautiful and free of any signs or damage due to environmental exposure and time.

Respecting the few simple cleaning procedures mentioned below, you can guarantee the product a long service life in any environment.

It is recommended to protect the product from contact with acidic chemicals, solvents, cements or paints that could irreversibly damage the surface finish.

It is recommended to carry out a thorough cleaning of the external surfaces using warm water and mild and non-aggressive soap, with Ph between 6 and 8.

Do not use abrasive tools for cleaning, soft sponges or soft brushes can be used.

Do not use abrasive, ammonia or chlorine based cleaning products (for example bleach).

Garden pipes can be used to wet and rinse the surfaces to be cleaned, in coastal environments, it is very important to rinse the surfaces abundantly, to remove any salt residues that can be deposited on the surfaces.

Cleaning can also be carried out with steam appliances, provided they are used at least 40 cm from the window and in mild climatic conditions.

Carry out the cleaning starting from the top of the installation and proceed downwards, taking care to remove, by using sponges or soft brushes impurities and dirt.
Do not clean surfaces when the product is directly exposed to sunlight and the surfaces are overheated.

Frequency of
for USA market

The frequency of cleaning operations depends on the level of corrosivity of the environment in which the product is installed.

The more the environment is corrosive, (industrial environments, marine coasts etc.) as in
ISO corrosivity categories determined for various locations
(Source CPC – Environmental Severity Classification (ESC) | WBDG – Building Design Guide) source/environmental-severity-classification
to find the categories of the various locations you can use the tool at the link:
the more the frequency of cleaning operations must be high, as shown in the table below:

TABLE 1, ISO 9223

Category Corrosivity Level Required Cleaning
C1 & C2 Very Low Every 12 Months
C2 Low Every 12 Months
C3 Medium Every 6 Months
C4 High Every 6 Months
C5 Very High Every 3 Months
CX Extreme Every 3 Months