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Adheres like
a second skin

The BATTENS LIGHT cladding system adheres to different types of walls, flat and curved, and suspended ceilings. A substructure with clips is fitted on the wall or ceiling. Then the battens are snapped on the clips.

Application on
flat wall

Before applying the cladding system, the flat wall must be carefully prepared and all the imperfections have to be removed to make the walls uniform. A well-prepared wall will make the cladding system adhere perfectly.

Once the wall has been properly prepared, fixing bars are fastened on it. The clips will slide along the fixing bars, and the battens will be snapped on them. The wall underneath is hidden if spacers are installed between battens.

Application on
curved wall

The BATTENS LIGHT system also provides for cladding curved walls. It was designed to add definition to wall curves and follow them closely. Installing BATTENS LIGHT on a curved wall does not affect the system’s safety or durability.

Drop ceiling

The BATTENS LIGHT system is perfectly suitable for cladding the ceiling – a versatile solution for designers. The ceiling solutions include the possibility of inspection and integration with lighting and air conditioning systems.

Suspended ceiling

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