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The versatile and virtuous design of aluminum

The choice of materials to cover the external facades or the internal wall of a building often falls on purely decorative materials. However, a good aesthetic performance does not follow the same technical performance.


Many materials do not withstand adverse weather conditions, wind and rain, lose their virtuous characteristics over time or require numerous and continuous maintenance.

Forme Design designs two collections of aluminum systems: SKIN, covering for external facades and internal walls, and DOOR, for entrance doors.


The advantages of aluminum

Aluminum Shapes Design has many advantages:

  • Indoor e Outdoor:
    It adapts to each wall to ensure symmetry and harmony.
  • Zero Maintenance:
    It does not require constant maintenance unlike wood.
  • Fire retardant:
    It resists fire and limits the development of combustion.
  • Resistant:
    It resists wind, sun, rain, hail and natural deterioration over time.
  • Eco-sustainable:
    Recycled and recyclable with an infinite life cycle.
  • Flexible and light weight:
    Reduces transportation costs and consumes less energy.
  • Easy to install:
    It does not require skilled labor.
  • Soundproof:
    Acoustically insulates from busy areas.
  • Safe:
    Acoustically insulates from busy areas.

Why choose SKIN and DOOR

  • High aesthetic performance thanks to the hyperrealistic DFV finishes.

  • Remarkable technical performance

In fact, as we have seen, the aluminum shapes systems are fireproof, soundproof, safe, flexible, do not require maintenance and are easy to install and clean. In addition, DFV finishes embrace the clean style of aluminum lines to create unique and recognizable design elements. But not only that, DFV finishes protect the outer surface and enhance all the advantages of aluminum.

In short, aluminum form systems are the best solution for designers looking for an aluminum façade cladding or a high-performance entrance door.