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ForMe Design Brazilian Team Triumphs at Expo Revestir and Haus Decor Show in São Paulo

From March 11th to 14th, our ForMe Design Brazilian team captivated audiences at both the Haus Decor Show and Expo Revestir, unveiling SKIN, our remarkable aluminum wall cladding system.

Boasting hyper-realistic wood finishes, 100% Italian design, and effortless installation, SKIN left a lasting impression on attendees from around the globe.

Expo Revestir, celebrated as the largest Coatings and Finishes Fair in Latin America, and Haus Decor, known for assembling top professionals from architecture, interior design, and construction, provided the perfect platforms for our team to shine. After intensive training sessions at our Surano headquarters, our specialized Brazilian team was more than ready to present the innovative features of our SKIN Battens and Cladding solutions.

For the occasion, we showcased our aluminum cladding systems: SKIN Battens Light, Battens 50, and Cladding. These systems serve as a second skin for indoor and outdoor building design, offering a wide selection of hyper-realistic finishes, RAL colors, textural effects, and wood-like finishes. Our systems not only enhance facades and interiors but also meet stringent regulatory standards. They have obtained significant product certifications, including A2 for fire reaction, wind load resistance of 240 KM/H, and acoustic insulation. This blend of innovation and design ensures compliance with the highest regulatory standards required by the construction market.

A heartfelt congratulations to the entire team for their dedication and hard work! We are also deeply grateful to everyone who visited our stand and engaged with us to learn more about our offerings. This achievement marks a significant milestone for ForMe Design, and we eagerly anticipate sharing more exciting moments like this in the future.