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ForMe Design is an international leader in architectural and construction solutions with its aluminum claddings for interior and exterior.

100% Italian to empower partners in making functional and aesthetic spaces.


ForMe Design:
Your Global Partner

ForMe Design can operate in over 5 countries from Europe to America delivering the 100% Italian design and high technical performances to elevate architecture and construction around the world. Being inside DFV Group we can oversee each step, from extrusion to the final product, making sustainable products that meet the highest standards.

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Explore the full range of our finishes and start customizing. From hyper-realistic wood-effect finishes to RAL, the only limit is your imagination.

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Discover the interior and exterior application of our products. From commercial to residential, our claddings are designed to fit into all spaces – creating incredible wall decor, dividing spaces and shading façades.


Privacy screens and wall decor to create a majestic atmosphere.


Shading, protection and incredible design for all façades.

Resistant, durable and compliant
to international standards.

Take a peek at the certifications & warranties that are guaranteed for our wall claddings.

Wind and
impact resistance
According to the certification recognized by IRCCOS (Research and Certification Institute for Sustainable Constructions), the Skin coating systems have excellently passed the test “Experimental verification of the performance of resistance to wind load under dynamic pressure and impact resistance” ensuring excellent performance and maintaining the initial conditions both in the integrity of the elements and in the coupling system.

Sound-absorbing power
Battens Light has recently been tested according to EN ISO 354:2003 (measurement of sound absorption in reverberation chamber) and 11654:1997 (acoustic absorbers for construction – evaluation of sound absorption) at the CSI Institute of Bollate obtaining very interesting results: noise is reduced in the environment by about 20%.

to the suspended ceiling
At the CSI Institute, the Battens Light model has also been tested for use as a suspended ceiling according to EN 13964: 2014 (suspended ceilings – requirements and test methods) passing tests with uniformly distributed load for a predetermined duration of time obtaining the Class A classification 34.91 N / m2.

Fire reaction
At the CSI Institute the Battens Light has obtained the reaction to fire class A2/S2 according to EN 13051-1:2019 (fire classification of construction products and building elements – part 1: classification using test data from reaction to the fire).
  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Fire resistant
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Secure
  • Low-maintaince
  • Strong and durable
  • Flexible and light weight
  • Sustainable

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